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Foundation of Web 2.0 Series

Many business are utilising web 2.0 concepts as a way to maximize their exposure online, while building online communities around their products through services like Facebook, twitter and blogs. The following post in this series looks are how different online sites and services are building from the concepts Tim O’Reilly has developed that are the foundation of a strong business model in the web 2.o. The eight core patterns explored are:

  1. Harnessing Collective Intelligence
  2. Data is the Next ‘Intel Inside’
  3. Innovation in Assembly
  4. Rich User Experience
  5. Software above the Level of a Single Device
  6. Perpetual Beta
  7. Leveraging the Long Tail
  8. Lightweight Models and Cost-Effective Scalability

These patterns highlight the transition of moving an site/service online from web 1.0 to web 2.0, and using the internet as a platform.

First up in the series I will be looking at Digg and how it has been Harnessing Collective Intelligence.

Further reading on Tim O’Reilly’s excellent research into this topic can be read here