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Foundation of web 2.0 – Pattern Five: Software above the Level of a Single Device

As the increasing number of people move towards smartphones like the Apple iPhone and smaller internet enabled devices, there is a greater exposure to online applications and services. This trend is pushing the industry into a new era of ubiquitous computing and the many advantages for enterprises that come with it. No longer are we carrying devices that just make and receive phone calls, but have the ability to create and share a rich variety of media to work friends, family and work colleagues. A prime example of this is Facebook.
In the past five years facebook have exploded on the internet like what myspace did in the early 2000’s. According the facebook , they have more than 30 millions users who are actively checking their account though a mobile device. Where they also go onto saying that mobile facebook users are 50% more active then just standard computer based browsing users. This shows a great leap towards information on the go, but with many websites the mobile experience is very much lacking in usability. Not to mention the large number of mobile smart devices with all different format specifications many websites are poorly handled/rendered to make use of this emerging trend.

Facebook has effectively made the use of their website on a mobile device, providing two different portals for use with mobile devices that just have internet access, and mobile devices that support applications. The site allows just internet enabled phones a cut down version of the main page giving access to an overview of the account and the activity that has taken place, whether it be notifications or new emails in the inbox. This has helped with the load times on the mobile device without additionally formatting to make it clunky.

A large number of users of mobile facebook are through the use of the facebook application. This has been made available on a wide variety of devices a well as mobile service providers. Particularly the iPhone, blackberry and the G1 mobile. As it stands the facebook application on the itunes app store has been in the top 25 free apps since its inclusion. As it allows the users a wide variety of tools that aren’t provided through the portal. The cleaner UI as well as the ease of navigation has been the main success to the application.

So as more devices become location aware and have the ability to expand the collaboration effects it provides an opportunity for enterprises to leverage these best practices within their organisations. As it is becoming a standard for companies to issue smartphone devices like blackberry’s, providing an intranet that is available in mobile form can only have positive effects.

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