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Cloud Computing = Normal regular network + hype???

Currently it seems we are in this form of transformation phase and a battle between software as a service and locally run applications. As the much quoted cloud computing terminology being associated and marketed as the next big internet revolution. Google has built their business based on offering services online either through Google Docs or Gmail. Where Microsoft is acknowledging the importance to be in this field and releasing their own revision of office 2010 in a from where it is marketed as a service available online.

This can be seen by Larry Ellison, the CEO and founder of Oracle during the TechPulse360 conference. Where Larry points out very strongly that what really is meant by the term cloud computing, a re-invention of the word networking.

Some key points of what Larry feels about cloud computing

  1. Cloud computing has been the past and present of computing not only seen to be the future.
  2. The cloud is still a computer network
  3. As long as there is an internet there will be hardware and local based software, because what runs these services online.
  4. Software as a service is not new, his example Netsuite

However in all this i think the industry has got caught up in the idea that cloud computing is a new technology. Where the focus has been drawn towards the marketability of offering these services online. Where the real story is not that cloud computing as a platform is new, but through technologies like ajax, RSS, XML, KML and API’s have been used to expand the capabilities of what the internet cloud computing is truly capable of. Perhaps what is shifting is the approach that consumers are no longer required to have powerful machines, but access to high speed broadband internet, and the massive explosion of netbooks and smartphones in the market can be a sign of things to come.