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Foundation of web 2.0 – Pattern Two: Data is the Next ‘Intel Inside’ “Flickr”

For as long as I’ve known computers, there has always been a Intel Inside sticker somewhere on the machine. This is what Tim O’Reilly means by Data is the Next ‘Intel Inside’. Data is going to be just as important if not more important that the physical components that is inside the machine. This pattern expands from what was discussed in the previous entry about Harnessing the Collective Intelligence from Diggs users. As there are many web 2.0 companies that deal with user content, Flickr is a perfect web 2.0 example of how a company deals with user content.

Flickr has built is business around the content that has been submitted by users. Where additional features that have been implemented over the years have added value to the way users interact with their content. This can be seen through the constant enhancements with social networking integrations like twitter, the power of search through tagging and keyword searches. One of the most important features of Flickr and what has made it one of the most popular photo sharing site is the ability to allow users to control the license on their on content. And with the incorporation of open standards like RSS and XML directly into the site it has opened the site an excellent portal or users to share their content. As we are sharing more and more of our data onto the internet trust in a platform or a service is extremely important and Flickr recognises this. There are many API‘s that are made available as a way to provide a clear path for those looking at sharing and reusing content. A feature that many enterprises are looking for when data portability, and open platforms are of high importance.

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