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Hello inb346 please to meet you!

This is my first attempt at having my own blog. I can safely say that I am a very heavy internet user, spending countless hours reading rss feeds, posting on facebook, forums and just wasting time on youtube, digg and the like. However I really never felt that i have had the need to manage a blog. That brings me to QUT , inb346 and now.

As I mention in the introduction lecture the reason why I’m taking this subject is to expand on the knowledge that i learnt from inb347, which dealt with web 2.0 applications and the Patterns displayed by sites we used as our case studies. Where i am hoping that inb347 Enterprise 2.0 can expand on these concepts and relate them to how organisations are looking to expand their web presence.

With the even growing trends of cloud based services and social networking, it is the perfect time for me to have a deep understanding of these concepts in an enterprise sense, and with it being my last semester at QUT this puts me in a good place when looking at jobs that need people skilled in these areas.