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Improving the DigitalOrgs Community

First off i would like to say that as a unit it is looking that we have quite a large number of people who have been very active and constantly contribute very informative posts. Located on the units wiki, there is a page that has been dedicated to listing to various number of web 2.0 services and sites.
I have personally taken the approach of expanding my del.ic.ious posts to cover topics that are related to this unit, where by i have been tagging sites with “inb346”. I think that is one of the easy way to sort through the large number of sites we view while researching and that could come in hand for others as well (I have a post that has more details about this).
What i think could be a very interesting exercise, is implement the same approach of many of the professional blogging sites like engadget and lifehacker, and have one blog with all of us contributing in the one place. Each week there could be a pool to topics that could be covered and individuals can take charge of that post. Where it wouldn’t be long until be have a constant stream of content made available, hopefully referenced and draw a lot of traffic.