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Are you the next Nike?

How do you build a brand around your name, your ideas and opinions? The power of social networking, blogging and micro blogging has provided a platform that makes reaching out to millions of people easy. However there is a catch to this method and as the saying goes “you only get out what you put in”. As spoken previously in my blog about leveraging the long tale the internet has provided a platform for true exposure for any niche if marketed correctly. So what are some of the techniques that are being used to get your name out on the internet.

  • Seamless integration of social networks, and build your name on various social networking services

  • With there being hundreds of different services available at ones disposal, generally the well established and popular services are the best to invest time into. Currently Facebook and twitter have the strangle hold of users and are excellent ways to leverage your digital identity. I’ve found that posted two excellent posts on how to uses facebook and twitter to build your brand.

  • Establish relationships with others in your niche, adn Market your Product

  • There is your audience, and the power of recommendation from peers in your niche can only be an advantage.

  • Active Blog, and Own your Content

  • With most of the attention today being drawn to appeal of micro blogging, the blog is still a very important selling point in your overall identity. As it is an extension of your ideas and opinions and acts as a portfolio/resume. With increased activity and community around your blog builds foundation of strong search engine results.

  • Monitor Personal Branding

  • Simply Google the blog/company/name whatever your are marketing as your product, as it gives an idea of where you site against the rest
  • Market your blog through various other aggregation services, like technorati, Yahoo! updates and blog lines.
  • Monitor followers and comments on social networking services like twitter and facebook, look at followers statistics after updates via blog
  • Unfortunately there is no set way of marketing one self online, however taking advantage of the trends online (go where the people are) and provide a reason why people want to listen to you, your blog and only increase in traffic.