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Snow Leopard finally here!!

I got my pre-order copy of the Snow Leopard 10.6, Apple’s update to Leopard 10.5 in the mail today. I’ve have been tempted all day to install it, but thanks to many uni assignment this hasn’t been the case. Looking at the review posted by engadget, I certainly cant wait to install it tomorrow.

Snow Leopard


EDIT: for those who are looking to upgrade to snow leopard most of your applications are going to work. However there are some that haven’t been update to support 10.6. I found this site that has a pretty comprehensive software list and where they are at with 10.6 compatibility.

Facebook sued for privacy concerns….but why?? is reporting that Facebook is being sued by users because of new claims about the level of privacy and the options users have over their accounts. Where there are also concerns from people about the level of control they have over uploaded data. Another key issue raised in the lawsuit is how they verify the age of members joining up. As it has been claimed that a user aged 11 signed up to the service and and posted material that was inappropriate for other to see.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has been faced with issues relating to privacy where earlier this year, Facebook came under fire for changing their Terms of Service removing the following from their terms of service (ToS).

“You may remove your User Content from the Site at any time. If you choose to remove your User Content, the license granted above will automatically expire, however you acknowledge that the Company may retain archived copies of your User Content.”

What this highlights is that people are still unaware of the consequences of uploading any form of data on the internet. I would assume that many people wouldn’t consider reading the ToS and be oblivious to these issues. After reading the article i don’t agree with the title “Facebook sued for being too popular” as the number of people who use Facebook is irregardless to how privacy should be managed.

Facebook has continuously looked at improving their privacy policy and the options given to uses to lock their account to just friends and family. I feel that the people who put the lawsuit to Facebook obviously don’t understand the concept of social media and what is involved using this service. Where they seem a lack of understanding and possible implications associated with not knowing the platform properly. Instead of the responsibility of privacy purely placed on Facebook, it should also be placed on users and access the impact of what they are uploading and posting!


Apple Tablet?

Here is quite possible the first look at what has been the enormously anticipated apple tablet. It looks to be a developers version showing off 12 seconds of some sort of merge of iphone OS and OSX dashboard. View it while it’s still up!

The beginning of the end, thank Toyota for the robot army

I’ve been sick with a stomach parasite that seems to be going around and haven’t been able to do much, however when  i heard about this on the Buzz Out Loud podcast episode 1032 I thought i must share.  Toyota has developed a robot that can not only run (which is astounding in itself compared to previous prototypes) but when pushed it can regain its balance and continues running at speeds of up to 7km/h. I’ve attached the youtube video showing this!!

This amazes and some how scares me knowing that we might be living into our own real live movie version of iRobot, not to mention Terminator.

Google Search Results

Well i am surprised to see the Google indexing working first hand. My blog now has finally showed up in the first page of results. Digital identity has begun!!