Twitter in content distribution

As more and more business are looking to increase their digital identity, twitter has seemingly become one of the most effective tools in achieving this. Where numerous company’s are using twitter to get their core messages across to a large number of people. An excellent reference is the Twitter 101, that highlights what twitter can do for many businesses. Elaborating on practices that businesses should consider when building their digital identity. Not to mention case studies that outline what practices some business have used to maximized their potential online.

Sound and Vision Mag has compiled a list of companies that are using twitter as a form of digital distribution of their content, as well as promotional offers and reviews on products. This only highlights that twitter is more than a way to share “What are you doing?”. The links below are examples of some of the companies that have been using twitter to expand their content.

Make sure that you check out the Sound and Vision Mag link as well.


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  1. Taal on

    Interesting links – I was not aware the corporate world had really jumped aboard the twitter wagon. I think the use of twitter by businesses can be very effective if managed correctly.

    In the current economic climate businesses must continually stay in positive contact with their investors. A business that starts to lose contact with its shareholders could start to face very real dangers to their future. Twitter appears to be a good way for businesses to achieve this.

    The downside is that it is perhaps harder for businesses to put a positive spin on poor results etc. due to the small tweet size. In these situations the business would need to provide a more in-depth PR response.

    However, if the shareholders start relying heavily on Twitter and other microblogging tools to stay up to date then inconsistent or ambiguous updates could prove to be a hindrance to their success, and quickly create fear in shareholders.

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