Snow Leopard finally here!!

I got my pre-order copy of the Snow Leopard 10.6, Apple’s update to Leopard 10.5 in the mail today. I’ve have been tempted all day to install it, but thanks to many uni assignment this hasn’t been the case. Looking at the review posted by engadget, I certainly cant wait to install it tomorrow.

Snow Leopard


EDIT: for those who are looking to upgrade to snow leopard most of your applications are going to work. However there are some that haven’t been update to support 10.6. I found this site that has a pretty comprehensive software list and where they are at with 10.6 compatibility.

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  1. jamie Turner on

    I’ve got my copy too sitting next to me, hoping to install today if i get the time. Be careful though for some reason my friend was installing and it died half way through, he took it to the apple shop and they said he had to reformat, so i’m a bit tedious haha

    • Matthew on

      Yer I’ve heard that too, but I’m planning on backing up and doing a complete re-install, nice and fresh. I have also heard that there are some problems with applications not working too, I updated my post with a link to a pretty comprehensive list of software compatibility with snow leopard.

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