Making a good blog post?

Since I have been only blogging now for 3 weeks, I will say that I am far from an expert (well for the moment) to know really how to get exactly my message across to my readers. So I am basing my knowledge on what makes a good post is on the feeds that I like and the reasons why I like them. So here they are,  my top 5 blogs that I can’t go a day without reading.

Matt’s top 5 Blogs

  1. Engadget
  2. Gizmodo
  3. MacRumors
  4. LifeHacker
  5. Mashable!

So why these sites, well the frequency of updates is very important in the world that is tech news, as everything is changing so rapidly being the first to the story will draw massive amounts of traffic. But the ability to back it up with credible sources and technical information is very important as well. I know that this blog entry will be long, however what I like about these sites is the simplicity in the nature of the posts and the trust I have for the authors of the posts.

On the other hand, what makes makes a horrible blog entry? I find that many major news sites when covering a topic fail to link to the original item (particularly a video) that they are referring to. And I find it very frustrating to have to go search for what they are talking about. This I hope I never do!!

Doing a very quick google search lead me to Lorelle who has been an avid blogger for over 10 years as well as published many books about blogging tips.  I did find one of her post a massive help, as it listed a collection of all of her previous guides (many directly dealing with wordpress) extremely useful. Even though the post was written in 2005 it is still has the core values of what a blog should incorporate.  You can find her blog entry here.

I will say it is oddly satisfying having your own RSS feeds to content that you have created, it’s a proud moment for a young blogger, that or get on the front page of digg.

I’ve also looked into how to get RSS feeds of my blog post made available. At the moment I have the free version of wordpress, so it is very limited in the native plugins that are made available in the sidebar (hopefully host my own blog in the next coming months, very excited). So I  have turned towards feedburner as it is extremely simple to use. I will say it is oddly satisfying having your own RSS feeds to content that you have created, it’s a proud moment for a young blogger, that or get on the front page of digg. A site i have found very useful is as they go into detail about different avenues on implementing RSS in wordpress as well as read RSS feeds, extremely helpful!!!

So after all this work will I continue to blog after this unit, the answer probably yes. It’s about self expression in a very accessible medium for friends, family and even strangers to read which I’m very excited about. The amount of money that is generated through advertising on the major blogs sites will fuel their success until there are no more stories to report on, which is never. What seems to be evolving is micro blogging services like twitter and friendfeed to shout out information to the masses. This is where majority of the everyday blogger will flock to now, but my thoughts on twitter is best for another post.


4 comments so far

  1. white_eagle on

    You forgot about TechCrunch, if you don’t visit it it’s another great tech blog like Mashable 🙂

    btw, just a friendly tip from me, don’t meta-blog (blog about blogging) really often, it’s kinda overkill for your (future) community…

  2. beckyblind on

    i found your post very interesting because i’m in the same situation as you,i’m new in the branch :))).Thanks for the top of the blogs, i’ll read it when i’ll arrive home.Have a nice day!

  3. Matthew on

    Thanks for your comment :)!! TechCrunch (very interested in how the crunchpad works out) is up there same with arstechnica. With the meta-blog I agree with you, however this blog being at the beginning stage of the unit assessment piece our task is to talk about our blogging experiences.

  4. pete wildermuth on

    Lorelle’s blog would have been real handy early on, but good information on wordpress

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