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I’ve just downloaded the wordpress app on my iPod touch and seeming I have my iPod always on me this will definatly come in handy during the semester!

After work and training tonight I’ve decided to have looked into the website The episode that have been posted I’ve found to be very relevant and informative in critically thinking about how we should manage our online presence. I enjoyed their recent episode about how to own the first page of google. As everyone should, I googled myself and found that majority of the page is mine. Listed is my facebook, linkdin and Twitter pages (no sign of wordpress as yet), and then 5 or so random links that had nothing to do with me persoanlly.

This brought me to Jason’s question, how do we build our own digital presence? One example is using the service, that allows twitter users the ability to search for other users easily via categories and by the number of followers. This would make it easier for people to either find you, or for example enjoy sports and want to follow another person in the sports category.

I shall be keeping an eye on this website for future episodes. As they will be relevant for future assignments in this unit.

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  1. Jeffrey on


    thanks for sharing, the “Popular Twitter Tags” is really useful to me.

    The website itself also shows some interesting phenomenons where those popular/power Twitter users in each category can actually include both “personal brand” and “business/enterprise”.

    I think it somehow demonstrated both the power of personal branding (Web2) as well as “business Twittering” (Enterprise2) which is part of our week 3 topic.

  2. Ahmed Zahlan on


    I just knew from your post that wordpress has an app for iPod/iPhone. Thanks heaps!! will try it!


    • Edouard on

      thanks Matthew!
      Like Ahmed I did not know that there was a wordpress iphone app out there… however.. I don’t have an iPhone…
      but it made me look for a Windows mobile version of wordpress, and guess what, there are 2 offers of wordpress windows mobile apps as well!
      Although it maybe handy for a “personal blog” but I reckon that I wouldn’t use it to post “on the way” on a “personal branding” blog… would use a Twitter or Fbk app!
      Good finding anyways!

  3. Jason Watson on


    yes, thanks for the… looks useful

    ~ Jason

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