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Personal Brand

I’ve just downloaded the wordpress app on my iPod touch and seeming I have my iPod always on me this will definatly come in handy during the semester!

After work and training tonight I’ve decided to have looked into the website The episode that have been posted I’ve found to be very relevant and informative in critically thinking about how we should manage our online presence. I enjoyed their recent episode about how to own the first page of google. As everyone should, I googled myself and found that majority of the page is mine. Listed is my facebook, linkdin and Twitter pages (no sign of wordpress as yet), and then 5 or so random links that had nothing to do with me persoanlly.

This brought me to Jason’s question, how do we build our own digital presence? One example is using the service, that allows twitter users the ability to search for other users easily via categories and by the number of followers. This would make it easier for people to either find you, or for example enjoy sports and want to follow another person in the sports category.

I shall be keeping an eye on this website for future episodes. As they will be relevant for future assignments in this unit.

I blog therefore I am

The most that i have come to blogging is updating my facebook status and any activity i have on forums I’m a member of, which isn’t really blogging. But i do see how it can help me get my name out onto the internet with the other 1.5 billion computer users. I joke, but this will be a good personal experiment about publishing what I feel about this unit as well as anything else, I guess that’s the purpose of this. It should be an enjoyable 13 weeks.

Going from the intro lecture, I looked at Sacha Chua’s Blog and she has incorporated an easy way for readers of her blog to post her entries on some of the most popular social media sites,, digg, reddit and stumble upon. You wont see a blog or site without some form of linking to these social media sites. Where many of these sites get what is know as the digg effect, and by the sheer amount of traffic get taken down, in a mini DoS attack.

I’ve also notice that she has linked her friend feed account to her personal blog, this is a good idea to bring people from her feed account and blog account together.  I’m still playing around with the free version of wordpress and yet to see how I can incorporate facebook connect in the sidebar, could be interesting.

In the tech community, you cannot go past the big blogs of engadget and gizmodo. It is very rare to see a daily Digg feed of top stories that doesn’t include a post from these sites. Both sites have a massive user based and comments on a particular post can go well over 500 posts at a time. Which shows the true drive for any successful blog is content for your audience!

Hello inb346 please to meet you!

This is my first attempt at having my own blog. I can safely say that I am a very heavy internet user, spending countless hours reading rss feeds, posting on facebook, forums and just wasting time on youtube, digg and the like. However I really never felt that i have had the need to manage a blog. That brings me to QUT , inb346 and now.

As I mention in the introduction lecture the reason why I’m taking this subject is to expand on the knowledge that i learnt from inb347, which dealt with web 2.0 applications and the Patterns displayed by sites we used as our case studies. Where i am hoping that inb347 Enterprise 2.0 can expand on these concepts and relate them to how organisations are looking to expand their web presence.

With the even growing trends of cloud based services and social networking, it is the perfect time for me to have a deep understanding of these concepts in an enterprise sense, and with it being my last semester at QUT this puts me in a good place when looking at jobs that need people skilled in these areas.